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About Me

I grew up in Matewan, West Virginia. Home of the Hatfield & McCoy feud and the legendary Matewan Massacre that sparked right in the middle of downtown in 1920. The mine wars and the early days of the United Mine Workers of America have always intrigued me. My great-grandfather and his brothers fought hard for the formation of the United Mine Workers of America. My latest novel, Blood Creek (Book One of Mingo Chronicles), is a fictional account of the mine wars in southern West Virginia and was published early October 2019. 

I've already started work on Book Two of Mingo Chronicles, The Massacre. I've also been working on a few short stories, photography, and dabbling in other creative endeavors. I co-wrote my first screenplay for a short film, which premiered at the Knoxville Film Festival in September 2017.

It’s been many years since I’ve lived in West Virginia. But I do go home as often as I can. I love those mountains, the river, the people, the history—all of it. I lived in Knoxville, Tennessee, for a number of years and then moved to the Washington, DC, area for 17 years. Currently, you can find me back in Knoxville.


The rich history and spicy characters of Appalachia fueled my imagination from a young age and provided a lifetime of stories. I intend to be the go-to storyteller of some of Appalachia’s darkest secrets.


I'm a writer, a photographer, a storyteller, a dreamer—creating worlds with the magic of words. 


Hope to find your nose in a book,


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