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The Author's Chair

Last week I traveled to Athens, Ohio for an interview with Jan Hodson. Jan is the host of the Author’s Chair, a radio program hosted by WOUB Public Media, the NPR affiliate at Ohio University. The Author’s Chair, which features authors from Appalachia, was launched in conjunction with the PBS Great American Read.

Jan had just read my novel, Simple Choices, and wanted to discuss not only the book but all-things-writing. We chatted about the opioid epidemic, young women making bad choices, murder, my writing style and influences, and growing up in Appalachia. We covered a lot of territory in 29 minutes. Jan is a fabulous host and delved into some interesting topics. My only regret is that we didn’t have more time together.

I’ll be returning to the Author’s Chair in October to talk about my upcoming novel, Blood Creek.

Last week’s interview is available at the following link:

Hope you can tune in!



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